Patterned Glass Plants

Patterned Glass is alternatively called as Decorative Glass or Rolled Glass. Patterned Glass is generally used in applications where privacy or obscurity is desired but light transmission is still important and It is mainly used in residential glazing, interiors, doors, windows and furniture. Patterned Glass is made by passing it through rollers that have patterns on them. The pattern is transferred to one or both sides of the glass. Different patterns are patented and produced by various manufacturers. Depending on its use, it can be laminated to use for safety glass as well. Wired Patterned Glass is produced by embedding a steel wire mesh between two layers of molten glass in a continuous rolled process with either a diamond or square mesh pattern mainly used as fire retardant glass to prevent from shattering and breaking out under stress or when exposed to high temperatures. We provide turnkey project services for setting-up Pattern Glass manufacturing plants from conceptual stage through technology selection and sizing the investment, plant design, engineering, procurement, erection and commissioning of the plant into commercial production with single point responsibility.