Glass Container Plants

Glass Containers or Glass Bottles are used for variety of purposes such as beverage, spirits, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nail polish and other general-purpose packaging. Glass Packaging is the most preferred packaging material due to its chemical stability for stored products, odourless, optical clarity, infinite recyclability and environmental friendliness. Glass is the only material regarded as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by US FDA. Glass bottle manufacturing is the largest segment of the glass industry as they are used in wide variety of purposes. Glass bottles are produced mainly in soda-lime glass as per the customer requirement and are generally produced in clear (flint), amber and green colours. As a speciality segment, glass bottles are also produced in other colours such as pink, blue, yellow, red etc as per end use requirement through fore-hearth colouring. We provide turnkey project services for setting-up green-field or brown-field glass projects from initial planning stage through technology selection and sizing the investment, plant design, engineering, procurement, erection and commissioning of the plant into commercial production with single point responsibility.