Neutral Glass Tubing Plants

Neutral Borosilicate Glass Tubes are converted to manufacture tubular glass vials, glass ampoules, glass cartridges and pre-filled glass syringes. Tubular glass vials, glass ampoules, glass cartridges and pre-filled glass syringes are used in pharmaceutical packaging mainly for parenteral drugs as they need very high chemical resistance as per the guidelines by various leading pharmacopeia to protect the stored drug and safety of humans. Manufacturing Neutral Borosilicate Glass Tubes is a niche segment and very tough process when compared with other glass manufacturing segments. It requires a different technology, experience, skill level and approach to produce Neutral Glass Tubes. We provide turnkey project services for setting-up Neutral Borosilicate Glass Tubes manufacturing plants from conceptual stage through technology selection and sizing the investment, plant design, engineering, procurement, erection and commissioning of the plant into commercial production with single point responsibility. With our sound expertise and experience in this segment, we provide complete know-how and highly reliable technical support for setting-up and producing good quality of glass tubes successfully from the beginning.