Glass Frit Plants

Frit is an inorganic product of melting that has been cooled to a solid state without crystallization. Ceramic, glass, enamel frits are produced by melting different compositions in a glass melting furnaces/kilns and the molten metal is then quenched in water, thus turned into a solid, insoluble, fragmented material. Frits are produced in wide variety of compositions to produce different glazes for end use applications such as sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, pottery and ceramic ware, lining of vessels, glass decoration, insulators etc. We supply complete batch plant and frit melting furnace which are highly reliable and energy efficient and depute our teams for erection and commissioning. We offer both Regenerative and Recuperative Furnaces which are highly reliable, energy efficient developed with state-of-the-art technologies. We provide continuous technical support for efficient and trouble-free operations.