Project Consulting

Our project consulting service cover project sizing, technology selection, machinery selection, validations and any associated support require for the project including pre-commissioning audit. Project consulting ensures that the selection of equipment is in line with project objectives and goals while ensuring budgetary allocations and overall project time lines. Project consulting is an ideal choice when some technical people are already associated with the project but reliable overall project expertise is required to execute the project without our involvement in detailed engineering, procurement, project management, supervision of installation and commissioning activities.

Technical Services

The company offers wide array of consulting services such as plant modification, technology up-gradation, plant audit and recommendations, raw-materials, batch composition, glass quality, furnace audits, energy optimization and process optimization.

Takeover Assistance

We provide take-over assistance services which will cover assessment of plant and machinery condition, detailed plant valuation, modifications to be carried out, and budgetary workings for modifications, feasibility analysis and over all recommendations.

Reviving Sick Units

We provide services for reviving sick units based on our vast experience in the glass industry on projects, operations, machinery and budgeting. We will carry out a comprehensive due diligence process in each area and prepare a detailed revival plan along with budget estimates and time lines.